To assist you in the diagnosis of upper and lower respiratory diseases, med fusion/Quest Diagnostic Laboratories is offering ImmunoCAP ® Specific IgE profiles. This Specific IgE blood test is approved to provide health care practitioners with a new standard for accuracy and reliability in evidence-based Specific IgE testing. The distinction between allergic and non-allergic patients will allow for evidence-based treatment decisions for appropriate use of antihistamines, intranasal steroids, antibiotics and possible referrals for immunotherapy.


For a managed care system to work efficiently and effectively, primary care practitioners as well as pulmonologists, otorhinolaryngolositsts and allergists should have access to allergy tests that are accurate, reliable, cost effective and will maximize the probability of detecting specific allergens OR, just as important, effectively ruling out allergic disease with a 90% confidence rate. Testing potentially allergic patients before they are treated empirically is the cornerstone of good medical practice.


The members of the med fusion/Quest Diagnostics sales team are well versed in the clinical value of this test and how best to utilize it in your practice. A representative will contact you to schedule time at your practice or contact Stephen Fant, General Manager, med fusion/Quest Diagnostics Laboratories at 972.966.7223 at your convenience We will not disrupt patient care.

Regional Lab Test Name Regional Lab Test Code

Region 10 Respiratory Allergy Profile OKTX
Childhood Allergy Profile CHILD1
Food Allergy Profile FOOD1
Adult Food Allergy Profile FOOD2
Upper Respiratory Allergy Profile UPRESP
Environmental Allergy Profile ENVIR1
North Texas Allergy Profile NTX
Trees Allergy Profile TREES1
Weeds Allergy Profile WEEDS1