Infectious Disease

Infectious Disease Testing at med fusion/Quest Diagnostics

The med fusion/Quest Diagnostics difference centers around its capability and expertise to perform testing from the most routine bacterial cultures to the latest molecular-based techniques.


Each Infectious Disease report is reviewed by our clinical and scientific team and includes pertinent result interpretations and data summaries to assist in the diagnosis of even the most complex cases.


Upon request, med fusion/Quest Diagnostics offers Personalized Physician Daily Culture Reports, Infectious Organism Reports, Multi-Drug Resistant Organism (MDRO) Reports and Periodic Reporting to include Antibiograms (facility specific and community wide) and which are available annually, quarterly or custom built. Our comprehensive approach, rapid turnaround time and highly accurate, detailed reports offer a complete solution in helping physicians provide superior patient care.


At med fusion/Quest Diagnostics, we understand the challenges presented by the changing healthcare market and our goal is to maintain the highest quality, most cost effective microbiological testing services by providing:

  • Client notification of critical and alert results in real time
  • Amplified microbial and viral testing
  • Yeast susceptibilities performed in-house
  • Blood cultures monitored 24/7; new positives reported 24/7
  • 24-hour coverage by Infectious Disease
  • Dedicated Client Services located within the department

Bacteriology and Parasitology

Bacteriology section provides full-service diagnostic bacteriology and basic parasitology services.

Mycology, Mycobacteriology, and Virology

med fusion/Quest Diagnostics consistently provides updated expert knowledge on the epidemiology, diagnoses and management of fungal, mycobacterial, and viral infections.

Molecular Testing

med fusion/Quest Diagnostics is the creative and dependable solution for molecular-based infectious disease testing including viral load testing, genotyping, and MTb testing, to name a few.

Extensive Infectious Disease Capabilities

  • 12,000 sq ft dedicated laboratory
  • 4,500 sq ft BSL-3
  • Over 120 tests available
  • Over 260,000 tests annually
  • Greater than 75 specialists (includes all staff)
  • Led by a full-time Board Certified Ph.D. Microbiologist

For additional information or to request reports, please contact Micro Client Services: 972.966.7700 or