Cancer care is complex


Our approach to precision medicine is to provide robust, comprehensive, clinically actionable information to help guide treatment options for your patients.  The disease targeted panels will aid in navigating within standard of care and clinical trial treatment options.  Our broader, 50SEQ®, will include both standard of care and outside standard of care treatment options.

We know that traditional treatment options may become exhausted in patients who have failed therapies or suffer from rare cancers. Using Next Generation Sequencing, we can determine molecular changes in a tumor specific to an individual which may identify targeted therapies or clinical trials to inform of additional treatment decisions.

The US Oncology Network and Texas Oncology Dedicated Hotline:  1.972.966.7050  or  1.877.966.7050


Our comprehensive hematopathology testing provides the highest level of service available and precise evidence based reflexive diagnostic algorithms.

Our testing methods include:

    • Flow Cytometry
    • Fluorescence in Situ Hybrid
    • Chromosome Analysis
  • Molecular Diagnostics

Patient centric result reports for monitoring assays allow the opportunity for partnered and communicative patient care.

Hematopathology Hotline: 1.972.966.7852  or  1.877.384.9893