NSCLC profiling by multiplex detection

Driven by FDA, NCCN and ASCO guidelines, our LUNGSEQ testing results associate Standard of Care therapeutics specific to NSCLC with a focus on prioritization and support of treatment planning for the physician

  • Comprehensive and integrated services mobilizing complete workups by PD-L1, FISH and Next Generation Sequencing
  • Available individual markers, reflexive offerings, and flexible testing designed to meet the cost efficiencies and clinical needs for the patient and physician
  • In-network with most managed care providers
  • 5-year survival rates for lung cancer are at 16.6%; 57% of lung cancers present at later stages with metastasis
  • A retorspective study noted 55% of classified and diagnosed lung tumors showed at least one oncological driver mutation or genomic arrangement potentially specific to an approved treatment
  • Identification of oncological drivers has redefined diagnostic workups
  • NCCN guidelines recommend individualized diagnostic strategies for NSCLC with NGS/multiplex testing to ensure patients receive the most appropriate treatment
  • Multiplexed genotyping identifies actionable drivers sooner and facilitates inclusion of new oncological drivers to existing panels

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