What kind of payments do you accept?

We accept checks and all major credit cards. You can pay online at Pay Your Bill Online.

April 29th, 2015|

My Physician asked me to complete an ‘Advanced Beneficiary Notice of Non-coverage’ (ABN). Why is this necessary?

If Medicare does not pay for the test or service that was listed on the ABN, the patient bay be responsible for payment. Medicare does not pay for everything, even if the ordering physician feels the tests or services have clinical value and are medically necessary. The majority of testing performed by med fusion is [...]

September 5th, 2014|

All Insurance (including Medicare Part B)

med fusion participates in most insurance plans. We will bill your insurance company for the test as the provider of service. Typically, it takes 60 days or more for the insurance company to respond. During this time you may receive and Explanation of Benefits.

September 5th, 2014|

The insurance company provided an Explanation of Benefits (EOB). Does it require further action?

The EOB is not a bill; it is a summary of the services that have been provided. An EOB does not require payment even if there is an "Amount Due" indicated. Every time we bill your insurance provider and they process the claim, the insurer may send you and EOB that shows what portion of [...]

September 5th, 2014|

My EOB says that med fusion is out of network. Does this change the portion of the bill that I will be financially responsible?

The EOB may show that  med fusion is an "out of network" provider. We are actively seeking to participate with all insurance providers. If you receive a bill that has been processed as out of network, please contact our Billing Customer Service.

September 5th, 2014|

I have insurance, so why did I receive a bill from med fusion?

med fusion will bill your insurance company directly as an independent service provider. We then receive payments and/or information from your insurance company about the claim submitted. Depending on the terms of your health care plan, you may have financial responsibility and we are required to bill you any applicable co-pays, co-insurance, deductibles or other [...]

September 5th, 2014|

I have a secondary, or supplemental, insurance policy. How does that affect me?

med fusion will file all secondary, or supplemental, insurance claims. If you received a bill from med fusion and believe that a secondary claim has not been filed, contact our Customer Service Team to verify the claim submission.

September 5th, 2014|

My insurance company denied coverage. What should I do?

If your insurance company denies coverage, med fusion works on your behalf to attempt to obtain coverage and will assist in pursuing appeals on your behalf to minimize the financial burden when appropriate. We may also contact you or your physician for assistance in the appeals process.

September 5th, 2014|

Why did it take so long to get my first bill?

Usually it takes 60 days or more for insurance companies to respond to claims. Sometimes the insurer's response is that more information is needed for them to process the claim. The billing cycle will then restart and may repeat itself several times.

September 5th, 2014|

Do you offer financial assistance?

Payment plans may be available to you at no cost through our Customer Service Team. We also offer prompt pay discounts. If you cannot afford the applicable out-of-pocket cost you may be eligible for assistance based on your financial situation. Please contact our Customer Service Team with regards to eligibility, to set up a payment [...]

September 5th, 2014|